Week 1

What did I see today? I saw, for the first time, that the exercises are more than just physical ones. They are mental. I saw frustration… But most of all, I saw connection, communication. I saw life… It was a different atmosphere. It was a different group — literally, because there were 2 new members. – Newcomers


What do we do when we’re not given a specific task?  There’s this notion of “I’m supposed to know what I’m doing… but I don’t. What do I do?” – The Fear in Us All


Day 4:


  • Miming – warm up our bodies
  • Marceau Mime Walks: in place, sliding backwards, and against the wind
  • Sitting down together, back-to-back


  • Leg swings, and travel
  • Leg kicks and travelling
  • Backward kicks and travelling